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      Walking the line between the interior and exterior, I work in the space where the second dimension meets the third. I am a storyteller, a weaver of fables, and a spinner of yarns in both a material and metaphysical sense. My constructions of book forms are an excuse to fabricate a private reality, altering them to extend personal narratives into the physical realm.


     I derive inspiration from the ways in which we have passed down our myths through history. I pull from pictograph, type, text, image and the diverse structures of form, in order to create my own personal folklore. Through the reshaping of the universal mythological symbols, I have uncovered my own icons and archetypes, including that of the trickster, and shadow forest. Both of which hold individual and narrative meaning for me. Melding the modern and traditional, I transcribe stories into three-dimensional interactive objects, while maintaining the intimacy and craftsmanship of the time-honored tome.




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